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Part of leading supply chain integrator, Arlington Industries Group, Arlington Automotive has one goal – to provide more complete assemblies direct to track. For our customers’, being able to single source manufacturing and assembly delivers huge benefits in time, cost and carbon footprint. As a tier one supplier to many of the major automotive OEM’s, we are constantly looking at improving the way ahead by bringing diverse skills sets together, as one.

Through world-class products and services, and a focus on providing greater efficiency, Arlington delivers value and innovation to stakeholders and customers.

With an inclusive approach to equal opportunities, we fully empower our employees by embracing diversity and flexibility in the workplace.

Supply chain

Arlington Automotive champions a different type of supply chain; we consolidate it to make it both shorter and stronger – and the benefits get passed on to you.

Our skillset is all under one roof!

So, work with us and you can expect a more cost-effective proposition. Not just greater efficiency, but higher levels of quality, and greater continuity of supply. With one point of contact you’ll see reduced admin and delivery time. With fewer links in the supply chain, you’ll see benefits to the environment, too.

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Services Arlington Automotive Provide

Supply Chain


For assembly, manufacturing feasibility and fitness for purpose, our design engineers work closely with OEMs in developing their products.


From 80T through to 600T capacity, and in a variety of bed sizes. An extensive investment program concluded in 2015 with a new press hall and new presses being installed, totalling over £2.5M.


Our MiG and spot welding capabilities include both manual and automated: six single and double MiG Robot cells with fully automated manipulation, up to seven axis; 15 pedestal spot welding machines with full weld monitoring.


We have two fully automated facilities on site, Electrophoretic Deposition (ED) and Powder Coating. The ED line provides Zinc Phosphate pre-treatment and online stoving, to achieve 1000 hours salt spray resistance.


Working with our customers, we engineer, develop and assemble Original Equipment to ensure a first-time fit for initial production runs and aftermarket requirements.


Our experience in logistics is critical to our ability to deliver high-quality assemblies at a competitive price. With over 580 suppliers and growing, we use a fully integrated system with full stock management procedures in place.

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